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When:   May 1, 2005 8:00pm-10:00pm
Where:   The Culture Project @ 45 Bleecker

The Freedom Tower? The West Side Stadium? New York architecture needs a swift kick in the ass. The hottest show of the spring season is back! Called "Hilarious" by the Associated Press, "Thought-provoking" by Time Out New York, and "A tour de force of ironic pageantry" by the Village Voice, Boozy is back! After selling out every single performance at the Ohio, all before opening night, Boozy begins a limited run on May 1st at The Culture Project @ 45 Bleecker Street. Performances through May 28. Knowing how tickets sold last time, you better get your seats now! Freemasons dance, FDR levitates, and Daniel Libeskind silently weeps. None shall be spared. For more information: Written and Directed by Alex Timbers ES '01 Produced by Aaron Lemon-Strauss PC '03 Choreography by Katherine Profeta BK '90 and YSD '99 Dramaturgy by Anne Davison YSD '01 Costume Design by Jenny Mannis ES '96 and YSD '02 Featuring Virginia Callaway '02, Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum '00, Scott Hoffer '01, Ryan Karels '00, Leslie Klug '00, Daniel Larlham '00, Brian McTaminey '01, Elizabeth Meriwether '04

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