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The latest book in Andrea's sexy, swashbuckling "Spy" trilogy is now in bookstores.

They were once orphans from Londons toughest slums. Now they are students of Mrs. Merlins Academy for Select Young Ladies, learning the art of swordplay and seduction. Bold, beautiful, and oh-so dangerous, they are Englands ultimate secret weaponsspies that no mission can daunt and no man can resist. . .

The most ladylike of "Merlin's Maidens," Sofia possesses a natural grace and grandeur to go along with her deadly arsenal of martial skillswhich makes her the perfect choice for undertaking a dangerous dance of deception through the highest circles of London Society. Assigned to investigate rumors of government corruption, she must spin through the glittering ballrooms of the Mayfair and the sinister slums of the city in search of the truth. One misstep on her part could prove fatal. Sofia knows she can't afford any distractions as she works to unravel the tangled  web of deceit and lies . . . but keeping the sinfully sext Deverill Osborne at arm's length is a real test of her mettle.
Handsome, witty, charming, Osbornedubbed Lord Sunshine by his peersis the darling of the ton. So when he is asked by the Marquess of Lynsley to introduce a lovely young Italian contessa into Society, he is only too happy to oblige. A little harmless flirtation is all part of the game. However, he soon suspects that "Lady" Sofia is playing with fire. She seems drawn to the dark, dissipated side of city life, and when he catches her stealing valuables from a gentleman's study, he torn between what to think. Should he believe the worst? Or should he trust the tantalizing murmur of her words . . . and the sultry, sensuous whispers of her body?
Light and dark, truth and lies. To unmask the clever conspirators, Sofia and Osborne must overcome a number of hidden dangers, including their own growing passion . . . which may prove the most dangerous force of all. For more information, or to read an excerpt, visit