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Do you believe that all children should have health care?  Take a stand and be a voice for children in this health care debate!  Take action  TODAY  to urge your Senators to co-sponsor and support Senator Bob Casey's amendment that will improve CHIP (the Children's Health Insurance Program), a cost-effective and proven program that will make sure children are not worse off after health reform. Here are 8 ways you can take a stand for 8 million children:  

1.  E-mail  Senators

Contact information at  

2.  Call  Senators

Contact information 

The Script to call/email:

"Hi, my name is [your name] and Im calling/emailing from [your city and state] to tell Senator [your Senators name] to co-sponsor and support the childrens amendment Senator Bob Casey will introduce in the health reform debate. The amendment will improve CHIP, protect millions of children from being worse off after health reform and is cost-effective for children, families and taxpayers. By supporting Senator Caseys amendment, well be building on what works."

3. Get  8 Friends  to do the same!


4.  Post  Actions

5. Change Your  Status  or Tweet I am a Champion for Childrens Health. Ask me how you can be one too! 

6. Stay in the Know -  Join  the group on facebook, "Champions for Children's Health"

7. Change  Profile  Pictures to Champions for Children Image from the group 

8. Check out the Children's Defense Fund's Health Coverage for All Children Campaign  website  and learn more about this movement for children.