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When:   November 29, 2009 1:00pm
Where:   Country : Morocco
Location(s) : Marrakech
Duration of the program : 2-12 weeks
Dates of the program: year round
Is this open to volunteers of the world: yes
Group or independent program: Independent
Minimum and Maximum age limit : 18-70 Year
Price:   US $1450 (12weeks)
Type:   Volunteer Opportunity

Project Review:

Childhood safeguard centre   is located in Marrakech city is the capital of the mid-southwestern economic region of Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz and is an important and former imperial city in Morocco. This governmental centre is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and The Ministry of Justice, The center is providing care and basic education for about 1000 disadvantaged children per year coming from many parts of Marrakech region who are orphan/abandon/disabled and refugees. Some of them are victims of crime or who have committed a delinquent act. They have low education level: nearly 90% don't know words; some of them haven't joined any official vocational training before. They come from very poor families or have no families at all.

The center aims to provide compulsory education and vocational training, to create employment opportunities for the children. The center has a wide variety of professional training for children of different age groups, ranging from infants to 18 years old. For example, children between the ages of 6 to 15 are provided with educational courses, and the older children are able to attend Professional training - including a variety of specialty courses at the center ( Joinery, sanitary plumbing, Electricity, Hairstyle, Painting and. Decorating ) .Furthermore, the center is helping to look for job opportunities for the children when they finish their courses.

The center is also a friendly place for local young people and international volunteers to come to explore their cultural diversity with lots of youth exchanges. The volunteers will join a team of local young people to manage the projects and participate in the daily activities at the center. Help is needed in everything from cooking and serving food to the children, to assisting with their basic education with sports and English lessons.  You need very high motivation, good communication skills and to be able to be independent in your work. This kind of workcamp is open to volunteers who are able to work with children and will be capable to accept their particularities. They will have to supervise the children and lead them by giving them general knowledge, and notions on health through games and playful situations that will educate them. The children will be led in that way enable them to discover another way of learning.

Volunteer responsibilities: The activities generally consist in leading the children in the different groups: drawing, painting and modelling group; singing and dancing group; tale and sketch Group; mobilizing and framing the children in various workshops of work according to the age: workshop tells, workshop music, workshop newspaper, environment, theatre, gym and sport etc. The volunteers will have to work five hours time in the morning. They are free in the afternoon when they could exchange their knowledge with the local population. Volunteers are invited to carry with them some games and anything that can contribute to lead the children. They can even present typical cultural aspects of their countries (songs, dances, games)

The volunteers can also participate to community activities as sensitization about how to promote local development about hygiene and environment protection for their free time. Each volunteer Responsible for day-to-day coordination of the School to ensure efficient performance of the organization operation: 

  •  To teach Basic English, French and/or other languages to the children. 
  •  The volunteers can also teach other basic subjects to the children (with the help of local volunteers)
  •  Basic knowledge for the IT equipment: computers, printers, network.
  •  Establish a relationship with the child to better understand the childs needs and desires.
  • Provide written reports at every hearing which include information gathered and recommendations.
  • To cook food, give medicines to the ill; provide warm clothes and free hot shower in winter, etc. 

Additional Info/Contact: