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When:   April 2, 2010 3:30pm
Where:   Dwight Hall Common Room
Type:   Talk

In 1998, New Haven became home to the first inner-city Shaw's Supermarket in the country after substantial collaboration amongst local institutions, organizations, and residents. On March 31st, however, Shaw's will close its doors for good, and the area will once again lack a full-service grocery store. Shaw's exit not only severely restricts local food access, but it also eliminates more than one hundred community jobs and leaves a major commercial property to blight. In the face of a widely recognized need for a replacement supermarket, a broad spectrum of stakeholders has once again mobilized to address these problems. Join us to hear from a panel of community leaders and activists about how civic engagement can serve as a powerful means of combating a community crisis- and learn what you can do to help bring a full-service grocer back to New Haven. Sponsored by the Dwight Hall Urban Fellows Program.

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