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When:   April 8-May 15, 2010
Where:   Coop High School
Type:   Other

Help ensure the success of a new afterschool program at Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School (Coop) funded through an Afterschool Grant from the CT State Department of Education. Dwight Hall has partnered with Coop High School and the community-based Coop Center for Creativity, Inc. to provide learning and enrichment opportunities that will engage and enlighten students, and in the process, allow them to form relationships with mentors to help them reach their full potential.

Member Duties : Provide support to improve academic performance for Coop High School students by working with school staff to pair tutors and mentors with students in the afterschool program requiring additional support. Promote supportive environment for Coop students through communication about program achievement and activities with parents and families. Promote appreciation for career opportunities in the arts and workforce skills students acquire. Develop training resources/manuals for Coop students so they are adequately prepared to successfully engage in apprenticeships and internships in summer 2011. Publicize volunteer opportunities and enlist volunteers with backgrounds in the arts and ability to support youth. Successfully retain committed volunteers. Develop a system to track volunteer contributions and assess impact. Work with Dwight Hall to identify new sources of volunteers and mentors. Assist project director in establishing internship opportunities with local businesses for youth. 

Accepting Applications From  04/06/2010  To  05/15/2010


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