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New Haven Hypertension Initiative (NHHI) is a Yale undergraduate student organization committed to providing hypertension screening services and to linking hypertension patients with local health care for the low-income and homeless populations in New Haven. Chronic hypertension is a significant risk factor for many life-threatening diseases; even moderate hypertension may reduce life expectancies. New Haven has a large homeless population without regular access to health care. Furthermore, local community soup kitchens and homeless shelters lack regular blood pressure screening services. Established 4 years ago, NHHI remains the only service team that offers regular hypertension monitoring in New Haven soup kitchens. More problematically, the homeless population faces severe perceptual and educational barriers to care, as many make minimum efforts to seek or do not know where and how to seek follow-up cares after failed screenings. Consequently, many with chronic hypertension remain untreated.


With the departure of most members due to graduation, NHHI is looking for dedicated students to continue our weekly 1-hour blood pressure screening services. Interested students should contact Tony Su ( This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript )