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rock climbing wall

Join us at the Reebok Sports Club this Saturday 10/2 from noon to 3:30 for a workout class, lunch party, and a three day pass (useable any time this year) to enjoy the club!

Your attendance at this special event will benefit the newly rejuvenated Yale Alumni of New York, an alumni community nonprofit by and for Yalies who want more out of their alumni experience in NYC.

BUY YOUR TICKET HERE --Tickets are $40
Special $25 for recent graduates (from last 5 years, please enter "classdiscount" to get $25 special price)

Your ticket will include a Saturday class of your choice, a delicious and healthy lunch party, a three-day pass to the club (useable any time this year), and a donation to benefit the newly revitalized Yale Alumni of New York.  The raised funds will support various key projects, including a planned overhaul of a website for Yale alumni in New York.

Reebok Sports Club (160 Columbus Ave at 67th St) is one of the premier sports clubs in the city, a 140,000-sq.-ft. facility with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a 75-ft. swimming pool, a mind-body program, volleyball and basketball courts, a rock-climbing wall, a boxing studio, a lavish spa/massage facility, and 170 classes every week. This is your chance to try it out for three whole days!

Special Saturday Classes -- Please choose ONE:

1. Rock Climbing: scale their awesome 3 story, 40 foot wall.

2. Zenergy: a dynamic fusion of traditional yoga, aerobics, strength training and restorative meditation.

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*YAAMNY dba Yale Alumni of New York