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When:   October 27, 2010 8:00pm
Where:   Room 124 Yale Law School
Type:   Meeting

 Universities Allied for Essential M edicines (UAEM ) is a worldwide student organization working

to improve access life-saving drugs in poor countries. UAEM is a great way to gain intimate exposure to global health activism while working with a passionate and diverse group of students. We welcome students from all schools at Yale, and are looking to increase our undergraduate membership in particular.
This week's meeting will be Wed, 10/27 at 8pm in Rm. 124 at the Law School. We are very excited to announce that our guest will be Amy Kapczynski, founder of UAEM. We will discuss next steps with the administrators, ideas for the 10th Anniversary of UAEM's founding, and how to reach out to faculty who may support increasing access to life-saving meds.
Who is Amy Kapczynski?
Amy Kapczynski is a Visiting Associate Professor of Law and Irving S. Ribicoff Fellow in Law at Yale Law School. She is also Assistant Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Boalt Hall). Her research interests center on international law, intellectual property, and global health. She helped lead efforts that resulted in Yale University and Bristol-Myers Squibb permitting generic competition and providing steep price discounts for an important anti-AIDS drug in South Africa. Drawing on this experience, she co-founded Universities Allied for Essential Medicines with other students in 2002. She received her A.B. from Princeton University, M. Phil. from Cambridge University, M.A. from Queen Mary and Westfield College at University of London, and J.D. from Yale Law School. At Yale Law
School, she was Articles Editor of The Yale Law Journal and co-founder and Advocacy Director of the Yale AIDS Network. She was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale Law School and the Yale School of Public Health.

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