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Application for 2011 College Service Representative Coordinator,
a Dwight Hall Fellow

Dear Applicant,
The Dwight Hall College Service Representative program is a new effort, begun in Spring 2010, to institutionalize accessible pathways to service experiences in New Haven through the Yale residential college system.  While some colleges have had official or unofficial representatives in the past, this past year we have been excited to institute this new structure to ensure all the necessary support and resources for those taking on the positions.  There are now representatives in nine of the colleges.

Starting in 2011, the program will be run by a new position, the College Service Representative Coordinator, or CSRC.  The CSRC will be responsible for helping the service representations plan events, providing information on Dwight Hall, ensuring that smooth transition between representatives occurs on each council, and holding the service representatives to their goals and requirements.  The Institutional Service Coordinator on the Student Executive Committee with be the CSRCs primary contact within Dwight Halls administration, and will provide information on relevant opportunities in New Haven and at the Hall. 

Qualified applicants for the CSRC position will have experience working both with campus service efforts and the college councils.  As a Dwight Hall fellow, the CSRC will qualify for a $300 semesterly stipend.

If you wish to be considered for the position, please answer the following questions and return this application to This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript by Tuesday, November 23rd at 11:59pm.  You may be contacted for a brief phone interview.  Please direct any questions to the same address.

The Dwight Hall Executive Committee

Application for 2011 College Service Representative Coordinator,
a Dwight Hall Fellow

Phone number:

1.    Why do you want to be the CSRC? (150 word maximum)

2.    What preparation do you have for this position? Please include information on your experience with Dwight Hall and residential college councils.  (200 word maximum)

3.    How would you advise college service representatives struggling with event attendance?  (200 word maximum)