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 Hey Dwight Hall,


I personally am counting down the days until Spring Break - but in the meantime, here are some cool events to watch out for within the next few days:

-- College Council for Care somehow booked Nicholas Kristoff for April 5. They're showing a screening of "Reporter," the documentary featuring him, tonight at 7:00.

--If you don't like Kristoff or prefer earthier stuff, there's a screening of Symphony of the Soil in WHC at the same time, with director Deborah Koons Garcia holding a Q&A.

--Habitat for Humanity is having another build this Saturday - and the weather is going to be (relatively) awesome.

--Hips for Hunger! Belly dancing for a good cause on Saturday night!

And finally - 

--This Friday, YHHAP is holding a benefit concert at 8:00 with Shades, OOTB, and TUIB, all for $5. I'll definitely be there.


Hope to see you around,

Jennifer Friedmann

Dwight Hall PR Coordinator