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Many people are either bored or lonely during the weekend, and knowing what is happening in your town or city will enable you to plan a fantastic fun filled weekend! Houston is no exception.


What is happening in Houston? Let us see! This social calendar site has events posted as early as August 2, where a Child Care Training class is scheduled to start at 12:00am, at Elites Corporate Office, where young mothers can avail themselves of this unique opportunity to learn more on effective parenting. If you are unable to find your way, then look at the map available posted on the page. You certainly will not get lost.


August 10, has another event planned; a Cooking Class titled Well Done Cooking. This is geared in helping you to learn to make cupcakes and other pastries. This begins at 10:30am and will be at 1208 East 29th Street, Houston TX77009. The venue if you are unable to find it, there is a map on the right hand side of the page. You are able to see what topics will be covered, so if you want to improve on your baking skills here are the ideal place to go.


Another event you maybe interested in attending is being hosted by the ever charismatic David Tutera on the 8th August. He will be at House of Blues, to wow you with his skills at wedding planning. This event is entitled; Something Borrowed, Something Blue Ft, Dream Bigger Tour, and is a ticketed event, so the price per ticket is posted. You can view on Facebook if any of your friends will be attending that you can all make it a date. Utilizing this creative site will help you to be at events you probably did not know about. And after the event passes you will be thinking If I had known, I would have attended. Let this not be you; get on board and enjoy your weekend.


Planning and posting your events are easy. Using the site is easy. There is nothing difficult about the site; even your 99 year old grandmother will be able to use this site. Having the opportunity to both view and post events is what Mr. Joe Ferrin had in mind when he built this social site. It incorporates postings of any every imaginable. There are postings of Educational events, Kids / family, Religious, Business / Conference; whatever you are planning can be posted on this site, because of the incorporation of Facebook it will spread like wild fire, all are able to see.


For more information about Things to do in Houston please click onthis link or visit