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When:   January 24, 2006 10:00pm
Where:   Ars Nova 511 west 54th (west of 10th)
Price: | 212.868.4444

2 Nights only Feb 21st + 22nd Comedian Heather Gold ('90) mixes sexuality, the Left, and other tasty 1980s tunes as she bakes for her audience in I LOOK LIKE AN EGG BUT I IDENTIFY AS A COOKIE. In this hilarious and touching hit show, Gold addresses life's hardest questions with baking's simple truths, and in the end, everyone gets cookies. Gold baked over 19,000 cookies with San Francisco audiences where the show ran over a year and won Best of the Bay from the Oakland tribune and Curve magazine's National Theatre Award.

Additional Info/Contact:
more info at: Call Candi Adams at (917) 776-1170 for press comp