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When:   February 14, 2007 6:00am
Where:   AD HOC gallery
49 Bogart (L to Morgan)
E. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Price:   free

An adaptation of “the exquisite corpse”, SUCKERS AND BITERS is essentially an artistic communication game for creative couples. Our title, born out of a discussion on lollipop psychology, reflects the sweetly monstrous, visual/linguistic results of the game and the messy, painful, sensual drama that love can be. We’re all familiar with the terms “love is for suckers” and “love bites” but thankfully, we wholeheartedly play on. "Love, Lollipops and the Exquisite Corpse," curated by Krista Madsen ('95) and boyfriend Jeff White, will showcase the paired collaborations of 50+ romantic couples from all over the country, with additional wallspace left for ongoing participation. Opening festivities on Feb. 14th from 6 to 8 p.m. will include wine & beer (for a small donation), lollipops wrapped with collectible wood-cut prints for sale, and the music of girlfriend/boyfriend downtempo duo Tin Veil.

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