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We are creating a house and environment for 15 street boys (1st Stage - girls expected later) -ages 9-12- near Bani, Dominican Republic (Bani is about an hour south of Santo Domingo). 1st Stage is getting food for the kids and basic education. Also, basic health support (there is a great group of professionals there working on health issues) and a home. Basically the kids are very polite and funny but have been living at the local park shining shoes and begging. Later, we expect to have chickens and livestock for them to learn to care for, some plantings and mechanical activities.

We need some people who may do support from New York and the States as we will be mostly in DR and some in South Florida. We do not know how to do anything in the area of getting grants, support and volunteers. More than money, we need and think there can be a lot of interest in people coming down there to do volunteer work, teaching what they know how to do, cooking and cleaning, organizing sports and all kinds of outdoor activities. Something like Peace Corps for grown-ups.

If you want to get involved, or have suggestions of any type, please email me your info and I will answer whether I am here or down there. This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript Thanks.