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Embracing its mission to enhance the value of union membership and
support a stronger labor movement, Union Privilege has developed a
scholarship program to help more women and people of color become
union leaders. The program provides annual awards up to $3,000 to
help future leaders with the cost of continuing their education or
training in order to pursue their union career goals and leadership

How to Apply
Visit the Union Plus site for more information and to download an
application. The application deadline is September 29, 2007.

A current union member from the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, Guam and
the Virgin Islands of a union participating in any Union Plus

Completed application form with a recommendation letter from a union
leader who has knowledge of the applicant's leadership potential.

Applicant must be female and/or a member of a racial/ethnic
minority, defined as American Indian or Alaskan, Asian or Pacific
Islander, African American, Hispanic, or multi-racial.

Award Usage
Applied toward the completion of an accredited degree, coursework or
seminar at an accredited educational institution (college,
university, community college, recognized technical or trade
school). Important note: Not all union-sponsored leadership training
courses are accredited. This program is offered under the Union Plus
Education Foundation Trust, which means the program is restricted to
granting awards for degrees/courses/seminars that are accredited.

Financial need includes the cost of tuition/seminar fees, and
related travel and expenses.

Evaluation Criteria
Applicants for scholarships are evaluated for union leadership
potential. Important factors include career goals, social awareness
and financial need.

Scholarship applications will first be judged by a Union Privilege
consultant who is a career professional with extensive experience in
union scholarship programs. The consultant will make selections and
determine award amounts. The AFL-CIO Civil Rights & Women's
Committees will ratify selections and award amounts.

Award Amounts
The amount of the award ranges from $500-$3,000. These are one-time
cash awards sent and paid directly to individual winners for study
and related expenses within the following 12 months. Recipients can
re-apply for future awards. In addition, scholarship winners will be
matched with current union leaders to participate in a special
mentoring program.

The Union Leaders of the Future Scholarship Program is offered
through the Union Plus Education Foundation. Visit the Union Plus
site for more information and to download an application.