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2010 Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee

Left to Right (2009 Board):Charles, Christina, Jill, Arlene, Thomas, Megan, Steven, Anna, Emily, Bradford, Joshua




Dwight Hall Co-Coordinators:
Jill Hagey                    650.740.1373
Thomas Meyer            210.478.6118

The Dwight Hall student coordinators lead the Student Cabinet by setting the tone and direction for the year.  They manage the major  initiatives and day-to-day operations of Dwight Hall, facilitate the Executive Committee and Cabinet meetings, and engage in long-term planning for the Hall.  The coordinators are the chief liaisons representing student interests to staff and to the Board of Directors.  They are available to any student or community agency seeking information about Dwight Hall and individual member groups.

Public Relations Coordinator:
Joseph Breen        

It is the responsibility of the Public Relations Coordinator to communicate the activities, opportunities, and visions of Dwight Hall to the community. Joseph proactively manages the placement of information into media outlets using press releases and direct  communication to protect, publicize, and enhance the work and workings of the Hall. As there are many students who are unaware of all the resources that Dwight Hall has to offer, he serves as the contact person to direct people to their specific areas of interest. In addition Charles sends out the weekly Dwight Hall email newsletter, the D-Holla. He also helps plan events along with the Dwight Hall Marketing Fellows.

Financial Coordinator:
Robin Tang           

The financial coordinator's primary responsibility is to manage the campus and community budget and to oversee the spending related to it. The financial coordinator chairs the Allocation Committee that decides how to allocate the money from the budget to different Dwight Hall groups that apply for funding. Aside from the day-to-day activities, he helps groups apply for funding outside Dwight Hall and advises on how to manage their budget and use their money efficiently. Steven also assists with fundraising.

New Membership Coordinator:
Erica Schild

This position, along with fulfilling all of the duties of an ExComm officer, coordinates the provisional member group process, the process by which new groups apply to join Dwight Hall. The coordinator assembles and chairs the Membership Committee in evaluating and advising the new groups. The Provisional Member Group Coordinator works closely with Dwight Hall's Program Director during the process; and not only leads the membership committee in evaluating each of the groups applying for Dwight Hall membership, but also serves to advise the new groups in assuring their sustainability, success, and integration into the Halls community.

Membership Coordinator:
Brandee Blocker
The Member Group Services Coordinator will facilitate collaboration and teamwork between different groups within the Hall and serve to promote the quality and efficacy of all of Dwight Halls member groups. The coordinator will implement all of the evaluation initiatives within the Hall from annual inventories to leadership transition workshops within the Hall. Arlene will respond to the emerging needs of the member groups and their volunteers and will design new projects to promote cohesion within the Hall's community.

Social Justice Network Liaison:
Alexis Mitchell
As the SJN liaison, Alexis works with the Magee Fellow, the SJN coordinators,and students in SJN member groups. SJN is a coalition of organizations and individuals working for social justice and social change at Yale, in New Haven, and beyond. SJN is dedicated to building a community of social justice advocates, while helping activists develop skills necessary to achieve change. Alexis will be working this semester to develop practical resources and support systems for SJN member groups.

Education Network Liaison:
Kayla Vinson
The Education Network (Ed Net) liaison works alongside the Ed Net coordinator and the Public School Intern coordinator to improve communication and continuity within Dwight Halls network of education-related member groups. Kayla represents the interests of these groups to the Executive Committee and to the greater New Haven educational community, working closely with the Public School Interns to develop and strengthen relationships between member groups and the New Haven Public Schools.  The Network provides resources and support for any Yale-affiliated group looking to involve itself in New Haven schools or the community, and also seeks to serve the interests of education-related groups whose work extends beyond the local level.

Public Health Network Liaison:
Elena Hofnagle
Elena serves as the liaison to the Public Health Network of Dwight Hall, which
is a broad network within the Yale communityand beyond of people who strive to affect positive change in fields relating to public health. This includes groups committed to advocacy surrounding a specific issue, condition or disease; cultural groups; service organizations; individuals who want to learn about how health issues interface with their own goals; anyone with an interest in public health. General membership in the Network is open to all members of the Yale community; there are, currently, over 300 members comprising the coalition.