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Everyone wants to achieve a model-type, fabulous and eye-catching body that any man and women can appreciate. Some of these people might get the latest diet pills with lots of promises such as best supplements that can lose a pound within a week or a miracle pill to suppress appetite while few of might not know where and how to start their weight loss goals. There are lots of misconceptions about weight loss, and almost half of these aspiring people are doing the wrong approach; thus giving them no visible result. What are the misconceptions about weight loss and the effects of these things in the long run?


Popular Sayings and Mottos


    I can lose more than 4 pounds in a week

Actually, it might be one of the realistic goals of eager individuals who want to lose weight in a period of time. Though you are participating in a weight loss program, you may not lose these amounts instantly. You need to wait for at least two months to get sexy and fit body.


    I should only eat high fiber foods and avoid foods with calories

Our body needs fuel to function efficiently, so we need to take at least one source of carbohydrates such as potato, wheat bread and corn. Fruits can provide essential vitamins and clean our body from free radicals and even boost our immune system. However, they are low in carbohydrates. Calories in moderation are the keys to achieve your goal.


    I will only perform flexibility exercises to make my muscles bigger

If you want to lose your weight, cardiovascular exercises with abdominal and flexibility exercises are the best combinations to select. You need to understand that a combination of exercises can provide faster results than performing a single type of workout.


Frequent and Vigorous Exercises can make a change


Participating in exercises might be one of the best keys to lose a pound or kilo from one fat body. However, there are also terms such as advisable exercises and appropriate gym workouts. Exercises and even the frequency of workouts should not be the same for all body types and genders because they will depend on the flexibility of the person. A 76-kilogram man may jog for 30 minutes or more without difficulty, but not with a 68-kilogram woman. The point is we need to seek for physicians advises about exercises to perform, depending on our body types and body responses. Also, vigorous exercise cannot help at all.  Our muscles and joints have tendencies to worn out if we suddenly expose them to hard exercises while our body cannot compensate instantly. 


These are the lists of misconceptions that you need to know and stay away as soon as possible. You should also consult a physician or fitness instructor before getting one supplement or program to lose your weight. Please do not engage to exercises that without an experts advice.