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 1. First Step is to gather the information about what is Networking and Network Engineer Job Opportunities

Here are some tips .


Networking is not just cabling , now technology grown such a high level . If you want to become Network Engineer first you need to start the <a href="">CCNA Certification</a> .

Network Engineer Jobs are now in lakhs . and salary also 3 Lakh to 50 Lakh.

Go to and search as ccna network engineer. You can find the number of opening and decide your career.


2. Try to Choose better <a href="">CCNA Training institute</a> to gain good technical skills.


3.Use online resource to find the job at entry level . Ex sites naukri,monster,timesjobs


4.Need to continue the advance level certification like <a href="">CCNP</a> , <a


<a href="">Java Training in Bangalore</a> | <a href="">CCNA Training in Bangalore</a> | <a href="">Play school in Bangalore</a> | <a href="">Java training in bengaluru</a>href="">CCIE</a> in order to get better job.