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Over the years there have been several technological advances and as such the internet is being used more regularly. Online training has become a very common way to get in shape. Many virtual programs and trainers provide many alternatives such as contest preparation coaching, tailored fitness programs and most importantly nutritional guidance. These are some of the main reasons why training online has become an attractive alternative over actual one-on-one personal training in a practical environment.


Another couple of valid reasons why most people prefer training online are geographical restrictions and time constraints. Not each single individual has the time to meet with a trainer three or four times during the week, and most individuals cannot drive for long distances just to meet with a trainer. With an online trainer you have 24/7 access to communicate through phone or email if you have any concerns or questions.


So far training online seems like a win-win situation. However, with any good utility service, there are always disadvantages and advantages, nothing is ever perfect. Online Charlotte fitness training has become a very powerful tool in providing services to a huge audience but the growth has stimulated competition among trainers in commercial gyms who are struggling to standout.  The first important factor you should consider while choosing an online trainer is credibility and source. There is no real substitute for meeting a personal trainer one-on-one, watching them in action with other clients and creating that relationship with one another. There are several certifications out there. Many are well respected and legit, while others are not. Today, anyone can become a trainer or say they are trainers just to make quick cash. So the big question remains, how can you trust a trainer online? In light of this, you should conduct extensive research when selecting an online trainer and you should also check their credibility together with their website credibility.


The first problem with traditional personal trainers who train at commercial gyms is their lack of knowledge and engagement with clients. The main point here is, just because someone has a degree in Kinesiology or has several certifications it doesnt necessarily mean they have the needed training skills and knowledge.  Many people think that online training is a scam but that is not always the case. Training online offers you a lot of flexibility. You can train anytime and you dont have to follow any fixed schedules. However, you must determine your own source of motivation and be very accountable in your exercise program.