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If you are a wine connoisseur then you will want to share your love for wines with your friends and family, and what better way to do this than to prepare a wine and cheese party. This is a way for you and your friends to socialize and share in your love of wines. The best things in life are to be shared among special people.

The best time to have this event is on the weekend preferably on a Friday or Saturday when your guests will be able to rest up before work on Monday morning. You should send invitations out early for your intended guests to have time to prepare for attending your event. These parties are usually private so your guest list maybe about 10 persons. A large guest list means you have less time to socialize with each person, so really consider having a wine and cheese party that is intimate.

The wines will be your choice of your favorites so, have fun. You may want to suggest to your guests to take a bottle of their favorite wine also, never think that your taste is what your friends will like. The whole occasion is to enjoy the company of special friends, and you want them to feel comfortable. You many want to have a few bottles of the pricier wines to the collection you will be serving, these could be Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Malbec, or Chianti as your selection of red wines. Your white wines can be Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, or Chardonnay. These wines will go well with your cheese platter.

For your cheeses, you may have platters placed strategically to have a free service for your guests. You may also ask your guests to bring their favorite cheeses also as suggested with the wines. For both suggestions to your guests it is best you know what they are taking so you will not have too many of one item being served, the wine and cheese party will flow a lot better. The platter can have a selection of cheeses like; Brie, Swiss cheese, Parmesan, or Gouda cheese, the platter can also have slices of fruits to help clean the palette. Your need to have lots of napkins, cutlery, cheese trays, wine glasses, and openers, at hand for your guests to use.

Music, the mood must be relaxing so you can have a selection of classical music, Jazz and blues to set the tone of the evening. Your event though it sounds formal you can inform your guests it is to be semi formal, this will tell them they can relax but still be good guests!

Now you have everything planned you can enjoy your wine and cheese party to the maximum and be the talk of the season for a long while.

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