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When:   March 22-29, 2009
Where:   Yale British Art Center, Yale School of Music
Type:   Meeting

 The Class of '57 Music Education Project and the School of Music is proud to present a new project working with appreciation and understanding of music and art is required.  VOLUNTEERS MUST BE FINALIZED BY THE END OF THIS WEEK!!  A description is provided below:

"3 phases: (1) pre-gallery visits, (2) gallery visits & (3) 1 follow-up visit. I've attached the schedule here and have taken take of transportation--I'll get you to and from the school. In the first phase (before April 15), we go to the school and spend 1 hour just prepping the kids. What is color in music? What's color in art? How do you explain that to a 4th grader? Maybe you perform, maybe we use flashcards. Maybe we interact with them. How do you create mood? These are the kind of questions we'll address, and there's no set way to do it. It's up to you. We just need to get them trained with a basic artistic/music vocabulary. On April 15 and 16, these guys come to the Yale Center for British Art. I've already picked out the paintings we'll go through and we just take them around and do different activities. Maybe one painting we use to use how color is used as a way to show mood. Maybe in another one (there's one of Noah's Arc that I think I'll use), we perform something that has the same effect as the painting--fear or worry. And at the end of the day, the main idea they should take away is that there is a universality to it. That 3rd phase, the follow-up visit is another trip to the school to just wrap up and reflect.


Let me emphasize that there's no need to come to every single visit. Even if you can make 1 that's great. Also note that because of the funding I've gotten, any participant will be paid $20/hour. Because I need to finalize things though, I need to have a confirmation of who can come when by the end of next week at the latest."





Additional Info/Contact:
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