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When:   August 22, 2009 9:00am
Where:   Reykjavik, Iceland
Price:   About $2000, including international and domestic flights, lodging, 4 day-long excursions and ground transportation
Type:   Trip


Are you an avid runner? Have you completed a marathon or half-marathon, or have you always wanted to do so? Well, here's a great opportunity to join other alumni in a race (and trip!) of a lifetime. YAAMNY is hosting the first-ever alumni trip to Iceland for the August 22nd marathon race (which includes options for a half-marathon, 10K, and 3K). Alumni from other metropolitan areas will be joining us on this special trip.

If you run regularly, you'll have enough time to ramp up your miles to prepare for at least the half-marathon. If you don't normally run, you have enough time to start training for the 10K or 3K. Of course, we encourage you to consult a physician before starting any new exercise regimen as there might be potential risks depending on your health, for which YAAMNY holds no responsibility.

In addition to a chance to run in a beautiful setting, this trip offers an opportunity to see glaciers and volcanic craters, walk on ancient lava flows, swim in geothermal pools, visit other scenic sites, and participate in local cultural activities in Iceland. Here's a link to information about the race in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital:

For more info on Iceland, visit:

If you're interested in joining alumni for this special trip, please email My ( This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript ). Alumni from various cities, including New York, Boston and Miami, have already reserved their trip package.

Also, on a separate but related note, we've started a Yale Alumni Running Group. If you'd like to join Yalies to do some runs, check out the following Facebook Yale Alumni Running Group to get details:

"Yale Alumni Runners" shirts are available for purchase on the following site:

Your Iceland Marathon trip leaders,
My Luu, BA '96
Ajit Pai, M.Arch and MBA '99

P.S. We encourage alumni of all ages from Yale College and the graduate/professional schools to participate. Alumni who have already expressed interest in joining the trip include: Kat Huang (BA '08), Hyon Lim (SOM '99), John Musto (BA '91), Courtenay Strickland (BA '96), and Amanda Taffy (MPH '01).

Additional Info/Contact: