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When:   September 26-27, 2009
Where:   Dwight Hall and LC
Price:   $15
Type:   Meeting

YSEC: Yale Student Environmental Coalition and NextGEN will be hosting a conference for college environmentalists from across the Northeast.  This will consist of networking, panels, speakers and workshops with the aim of creating a sense of community between colleges in the region.  The list of speakers is as follows:


Campus Ecology, National Wildlife Federation (Julian Keniry)
Changing How We Look at Food, Greenpeace (David Schwartz)
Shifting Attitudes toward Food- Slow food on Campus, SLOW Food USA (Julia Middleton)
Roots and Shoots- A global network and Water for the World Campaign, Roots and Shoots (Kellan Hayes)
Transforming the College Dining Room- from Farm to Table, Northeast Organic Farmers Association (Bill Duesing and John Turenne)
Focus the Nation and State Networks, Powershift (Craig Altemose)
The College Sustainability Report Card, Sustainable Endowments Institute (Mark Orlowski)Environmentally and Socially Responsible Investing, Sostenica and Sustainable Endowments (Alan Wright and Mark Orlowski)
The Graduation Pledge Alliance (Tim Rairdon)
Purchasing Policies and Preventing Waste, Greenpeace (David Pomerantz)
PVC- Getting Schools to go PVC free, CHEJ (Mike Shade)
Students in the Global Ecovillage Movement, Living Routes (Daniel Greenberg)
Town/Gown Collaboration, Bioregionalism and Community Outreach, New Haven Bioregional Group
A Career as an Activist, Billy Parish
Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics- What's going on? Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (Maria Sanzo)
Media Savy- How to get coverage for activities, Greenpeace (David Pomerantz)
Campus Based Advocacy, Student PIRG (Abe Scarr)
Introduction to Organizing, Raising Awareness and Planning Events, Sierra Club

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