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When:   September 18, 2009 6:00pm-8:00pm
Where:   Leo Koenig, 541 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011
Price:   non-perishable donation
Type:   Arts

September 18 through October 17, 2009

A) Food Drive! Please bring a can of non-perishable food.

B) Be sure to come to one of our Potluck Dinners, Tuesday and Saturday nights throughout the run!

C) Group exhibition with works by Tomma Abts, Jo Baer, Darren Bader, Hilla & Berndt Becher, Hillary Berseth, Cosima von Bonin, Carol Bove, Roe Ethridge, Tony Feher, Alison Fox, Alex Klein, Sherrie Levine, Jason Meadows, Carrie Moyer, Alex Olson, Sarah Oppenheimer, Raha Raissnia, Pat Steir and Lily van der Stokker

We want to live with work we like, work we are curious about, work we could never own but have the chance to eat dinner with if we put it into a group show that incorporates tables, chairs, and food.  In order to understand the work, get to know it, we invite our friends and strangers to look at the work with us over a meal.  The setup rewards durational viewing.  So does abstraction.  We chose most of this work for its abstraction and or conceptualism with the intention that the participant will find sustained albeit earned nourishment in the work as well as the meals.  In addition to the individual works providing stimulus, the context provided by adjacent works inspires another level of sightlines, interruptions, jumps in conversation and information that keeps perspective un-fixed.


We have grouped an unexpected bevy of artists into a space activated by the dinner time conversation puzzling the connections and discovering the complements.

This show front and center emphasizes responsibility: we are asking for food for the needy; we are going to enforce the potluck rule; a Saturday farmstand presents the origin of food.  The artwork is streamlined towards questions of responsibility through its immediate abstraction, the up front questions of the necessity or uselessness of interpretation, the physical phenomena each piece dictates in the viewer, the burden or enlightenment of context.

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