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When:   October 8, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm
Where:   WLH 117
Type:   Meeting


Thurs Oct 8   •   8 PM   •   WLH 117

Social Innovation Park at Yale (SIP@Y) is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering social entrepreneurs and advancing New Haven development.  Our members will get hands-on experience in social entrepreneurship, business consulting, management, and marketing through three main initiatives: 
Platform for New Haven cultural entrepreneurs :: We will create New Haven's first social enterprise talent development platform by establishing a market for under-served New Haven and Yale artists. 
Nonprofit business consulting
:: This year, the consulting division will work with a Connecticut nonprofit that provides basic primary health care to the uninsured. Like other SIP divisions, consulting will be supervised by a Board of Advisors, members of which will include professional consultants, nonprofit executives, SOM professors, and graduate students.

Social Entrepreneurship speaker series
:: In conjunction with the Yale Entrepreneurial Society (YES), we will host a series of conversations with high-impact leaders in the field of social entrepreneurship, drawing from the public, private, and academic sectors. 
Please come to our information session on Thursday, or send us a message if you're interested but can't make it! 
The SIP@Yale Executive Board

Additional Info/Contact: