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When:   October 5, 2009 8:00pm-10:00pm
Where:   Branford Common Room
Type:   Talk

Education Reform in New Haven: The Next Phase

Do you tutor in New Haven schools?
Heard about school reform in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and DC?
Care about the future of education in New Haven?

Come learn more!

Like other cities around the country, New Haven is gearing up for the next step in an educational revolution. In the last few months, the mayor has proposed a project to turn around failing schools, change how teachers are evaluated, give successful principals more control over their schools, and make a college education a reality for more students, but the details of the plan are just beginning to take shape. Come hear from Garth Harries, assistant superintendent of the New Haven schools and veteran of the New York City school reform effort, Ward 1 alderwoman and Yale alum Rachel Plattus, and two New Haven principals, Dolores Garcia-Blocker of Co-Op Arts and Humanities High School and Lizanne Cox of Common Ground High school, about where New Haven is going and how you can help!

Monday, October 5 at 8pm
Branford Common Room

Contact Ben Stango ( This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript ) with any questions.

Cosponsored by the Yale College Democrats, New Haven Action, and the Education Network of Dwight Hall

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