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When:   October 27-28, 2009
Where:   Call 202-461-2428 for details
Type:   Meeting

Are you thinking about a job or a career in environmental advocacy?

If you are, check out the Environment America Fellowship Program. You can
learn more or apply online by clicking here:

Each year, our Fellowship Program offers a select number of graduating
seniors like you the training, experience and opportunity you need to make
an impact and become a leader in the environmental movement. Together with
our experienced staff, you can work on campaigns to build the kind of
cleaner, greener future that so many of us want for our planet.

Of course, actually making a real difference can be tough.

For example, we want to help build a new clean energy economy through new
policies in Washington and in the states - but the coal industry is fighting
hard to stop us. We want to reduce our dependence on oil and shrink our
carbon footprint by reducing the pollution we create by burning fossil fuels
- but the oil companies are resisting. We want to protect and preserve the
Grand Canyon, our national forests, and other places we love - but mining
companies, timber companies and big developers have other ideas.

That's where you come in. The Environment America Fellowship Program hires
and trains people like you to help us better document the problems, more
forcefully advocate solutions, educate more members of the public, organize
broader and stronger coalitions, and mobilize more people to take action.
These exact strategies and tactics help us win in state capitols around the
country and in Washington D.C. - even when we're up against the most
powerful opponents.

There's much more to talk about, of course. To learn more or apply, visit
our Web site at  <> Or you can contact me directly at
<mailto: This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript>
This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript or 202-461-2448 so we can set up a time
to meet when I'm on campus on Tuesday, Oct. 27.  You can also apply online
through Yale's e-recruiting network at  <>

Additional Info/Contact: