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When:   July 16, 2005 9:00pm
Where:   Knitting Factory/Tap Bar

Swell Mob is playing the Knitting Factory. The indiepoprock trio features Seth Searls (MC 98), Keith Meatto (ES 97) and Mike Espar (SM 98). The Knitting Factory show includes special guest Nathan You (SM 97) on bass guitar. At Yale, all four played together in Blue Fountain Diner. Swell Mob released its debut CD, Quality Pie, this spring and is touring this summer, with shows in New England, Washington, and the South. Hope to see you there. Saturday July 16, 9.00 PM Swell Mob at Knitting Factory/Tap Bar 74 Leonard St. (bet. Broadway & Church St.) All ages//$8 For free music downloads, tour dates & more, go to: or

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