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When:   January 28, 2010 8:00pm
Where:   TBG Arts Center Mainstage, 312 W36th Street
Price:   $18
Type:   Arts

PLAYING THROUGH FEBRUARY 13 (no Tuesday performances)

Colin McCormack is a popular columnist with a knack for bedding the bi-curious hotties in his soccer league, but he's starting to feel he's missed out on something deeper. Law professor Stew Wisniewski has a bad habit of settling, and has let his once-promising career stagnate in a comfortable but unfulfilling rut. Virtually inseparable since Yale, they've managed to go 20+ years without really examining their relationship.

Enter Tee, a bright and intense  21-year-old who sweeps Colin off his feet. Colin thinks he's found the connection he's been missing; Stew thinks his friend has lost his mind. Convinced the increasingly erratic younger man might be dangerous, Stew forces a confrontation that has unexpected and life-changing consequences.

The hot-button issue of gay marriage percolates under DADDY, forcing Colin and Stew to confront the limits -- both external and self-imposed -- that have shaped their lives. With crackling dialogue, humor and suspense, DADDY offers a provocative look at love, loyalty, and the cost of things unsaid.

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