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When:   August 5, 2005 6:00pm
Where:   Stain Bar, 766 Grand Street (L to Grand, one block west)
Price:   free

Since the book is called FOUR CORNERS, the theme is things of a SQUARISH shape and the venue of course is Krista's bar STAIN. Wear something with a square on it and you get a gift! There will be FREE DRINKS (Original Sin Cider, Brooklyn Beer) while they last, free snacks (think CHEESE NIPS and other angular things), books for sale (signed with love. Buy one for $15 or both for $25). And there are a limited amount of hardcovers available for the same price as the paperback, first come first dibs!). CONNECT FOUR competitions. Lolling around in the lawn. Grill something if you want to. And there's a great band, Djibouti, playing at 10 p.m. if you stick around. Some blurbage on my book (also available for purchase on Amazon): Four Corners is a novel set in squares beds full of absence, pick-ups that never get anywhere, tables where food pulls people together and apart. Surrounded by endless fields and no trace of ocean, Laur changes her name to Lore and imagines a new existence, full of motorcycles and escape, Johnny Crisis and vices. But the barely living and mostly dead haunt: her eight-foot tall father who looms larger than ever, mom dwindling to bone, a twin brother who burrows through the literal rubble while his sister diddles with words. Teetering between memory and dreams, Lore questions her medium, this burden of stories, this gift. "In this haunting account of a young woman's inner struggle for an individual identity and personal independence, Krista Madsen writes with a beautiful, fluid lyricism, a style that is both poetically rich and at the same time economical. The result is a distinquished and captivating novel." - author Ian Macmillan

Additional Info/Contact:
718/387-7840, This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript