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Dear Applicant,

Welcome to Dwight Hall at Yale!

The following pages constitute the application form and worksheet for provisional membership of Dwight Hall at Yale. You should use this document to articulate your group's activities from its long-term vision to the day-to-day details of structure and logistics. This reflection and expression will help ensure your group's longevity and make future leadership transitions as seamless as possible in keeping with a sustainable Dwight Hall group.

Please e-mail the application to me as an attachment when it is complete. There is no due date, but if you submit later than mid-March, your group may not be approved until autumn. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about the application. After your application has been received, Johnny Scafidi, the Program Director, and I will meet with you to discuss your group in more detail, including your groups New Membership Worksheet, and to explain Dwight Hall membership to you. After this meeting, you will meet with the Membership Committee (formed of the Program Director, some member group coordinators, and me). This meeting is to encourage collaboration between groups and help ensure a seamless transition into Dwight Hall. There will also be a meeting between the Program Director and your group's community contact person if applicable. The Membership Committee will then decide whether your group will be granted provisional (or new) member status.  

If your group is granted provisional member status, it will have access to certain Dwight Hall resources (such as copying, use of Dwight Hall cars, and access to funding opportunities). Provisional member groups, like full member groups, are required to send volunteers to a Phonathon evening (a date will be assigned to your group) and to attend Dwight Hall Cabinet meetings (dates TBA). Provisional groups become full member groups once the full Cabinet votes at a Cabinet meeting. Throughout this process, you will receive support and feedback from both the Program Director and me.

Please do your best to fill out as much of the application as possible. Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or problems. Thank you for your application and I look forward to working with you toward Dwight Hall's mission in the future!


Erica Schild
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Spring 2010 Application for New Member Groups

Please type your responses in bold.

I. Contact Information:
Name of applicants or coordinators    College    Year    Address    E-mail    Phone

I. Group Advisor
We highly encourage you to identify an advisor (community member/organization, Yale faculty, staff, or student) who will advise your program. Group advisors are useful for providing resources and information to your group and can augment the resources of Dwight Hall.

Name of individual and position (e.g. program manager, professor, student):

Name of group or agency, if applicable:

Contact information:

II. Anti-discrimination Policy
Dwight Hall's Cabinet does not discriminate against individuals or organizations on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age, family status, socio-economic status, or disability. The cabinet supports organizations and activities which do not discriminate on the basis noted above.

Does your program comply with the Anti-Discrimination clause of the Dwight Hall Cabinet?

III. Mission Statement
Dwight Hall's Mission statement is:
To foster civic-minded student leaders and to promote service and activism in New Haven and around the world.

What is your group's mission statement?

How do the activities and mission statement of your group support Dwight Hall's mission?

IV. Terms
Provisional membership will be approved by the Membership Committee after this application and letter of community support have been received and the program's coordinator(s) have met with the Membership Coordinator, Program Director, and members of the Cabinet Membership Committee.

As a provisional or full Cabinet member organization you must:

Send the group coordinator(s) to Cabinet meetings, participate in Dwight Hall Phonathon fundraising (one three-hour session each semester will be assigned to your group and you must provide 4 callers), and participate in annual report procedures.

If your group receives full membership, it must abide by all the terms and conditions of the Cabinet Bylaws, the Dwight Hall Vehicle Policy and such other regulations as the Dwight Hall Cabinet, Board of Directors and/or Board of Trustees shall enforce.

V. Dwight Hall
In this section, we would like to see about how your group envisions itself as a contributing part of Dwight Hall.

How will this group be a unique member and contributor to the Dwight Hall community?

Dwight Halls mission is to promote social activism and direct service, but these are not two disparate branches of the Hall or of its mission.

If your group is more service-oriented, what social justice issues do you think are relevant to your service? How could you expand the mission of your group or coordinate with other groups to address relevant social justice issues? Alternatively, if your group is more activism oriented, how could you expand your mission or coordinate with other groups to address relevant community service projects?

Submission of this application will be considered an agreement to the terms stated above.