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When:   March 27, 2010 10:15am-2:15pm
Where:   Dwight Hall - New Haven
Type:   Service Day

As the kickoff event for the Dwight Hall-YCC Week of Service, FCC & FOCUS are sponsor-ing a class-wide day of community service to help get 2013 involved and connected with the needs of the New Haven community! Here's a convenient opportunity for everyone who has been meaning to get involved with community service.

Volunteer sites will include:
Catholic Worker House, Columbus House, Eli Whitney Museum, Life Haven, New Haven Reads Book Bank, East Rock Park and many more!

Sign ups are available:   
        electronically at
        at tables in Commons throughout the week
        with your FCC representatives
Sign up by Wednesday, March 24 and lunch will be provided!

Additional Info/Contact:
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