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When:   March 31, 2010 7:00pm
Type:   Other

Dear Dwight Hall Members, 

Ready to make progressive change in New Haven? Want to engage with local politics? Join the Ward 1 Democratic Committee!

We're 2010-2012 members of the New Haven Democratic Town Committee, where we represent you - as a Ward 1 resident - to the city's Democratic umbrella organization. That means that we're also co-chairs of the Ward 1 Democratic Committee, the body of 50 registered Ward 1 Democrats that links the student community at Yale to the broader politics of the city of New Haven. 

Each of New Haven's 30 wards has its own ward committee, and the job of every ward committee in the city begins with voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts. At and near election time, this will also form the primary work of our Ward Committee - and it's important work: our city and state are facing crucial elections this year, and we need to bring Yalies to the polls to vote for Democratic change. At the same time, the Ward 1 Committee will also function as a community organization for the voters of our ward: we'll be a connection to local decision-makers, a source of political information, and an open forum on city policy for every progressive student and organization in Ward 1.

But we need your help to make Yale students a powerful force in New Haven and Connecticut politics. Express your interest in serving our city at

Amalia Horan Skilton CC '13 and Rachel Payne SY '1

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