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When:   April 22, 2010 8:00am
Type:   Meeting

Hi Dwight Hall!

Bulldog Days was very successful for Dwight Hall! We were able to talk to freshmen about service and social justice at Yale during four different times in the three days and we got a great response from the prefrosh. The class of 2014s enthusiasm for service means we have a lot to look forward to!

Even though were winding down, we still have some great events and opportunities you should check out!

Peace by Peace, one of our new member groups, has organized The New Haven Health Festival on Sunday April 25th on the New Haven Green at 1:00pm. More information below.

Also, if you are going to be here this summer, consider volunteering with the Wednesday Lunchtime Summer Soup Kitchen! More information below.

Additionally, YHHAP has been circulating a petition to put pressure on City Hall to make a plan for the homeless shelters for next year. The Cedar St. Overflow Shelter closed 18 days early this year (April 12th) and we are roughly $100,000 behind in fundraising and grants for next year from where we were at this point last year. Unless something happens the shelter will only be able to be kept open for 3 months next winter. Please sign this petition that we will bring to our meeting with the mayor to show that New Haven residents are looking to him to make a more sustainable plan for homelessness. There are more details in the petition if you are interested!

Hope all is well,


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