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When:   July 26-August 6, 2010
Where:   MS 223, The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology
Type:   Volunteer

The mission of Summer Institute of the Arts (SIA) is to develop young peoples characters and minds through the study of the arts in summer programs focused on middle school kids who would otherwise not have this opportunity.  Our fundamental belief is that the study of the arts, like painting, dance, or music have a meaningful and positive impact on children.  A belief that is supported through numerous studies that link the study of music to cognitive and reasoning skills.  SIA exists so that our children can have the opportunity to develop these crucial skills through the Arts. 

With the aforementioned objectives in mind the over-arching goal is to create a summer program that provides an arts based curriculum that focuses on the development of the mind while still being engaging.  The program targets middle school students and exposes these students to careers and higher education opportunities in the Arts. 

This objective is met by providing students the opportunity to work with professionals in the Arts in various workshops and forums.  This could come in the form of visiting a Musical Director of a Broadway show at his theatre, or a Master class from a teaching artist, or spending time with a college student who is majoring in the Arts.  These interactions are vital as they illuminate possibilities and ignite dreams in a child's mind.

The SIA offers a unique community service opportunity for Yale Alumni to work with students in the Arts. The program is structured for alumni to participate as mentors for the students  throughout the day and ideally develop relationships that will allow for continued mentoring of students during the school year. Alumni will assist the teachers and teaching artist during the curriculum and workshops.

An arts background is not necessary though a love of the arts is a prerequisite and any instrumentalists (even if you haven't picked that violin up in 20 years) would be most helpful.  Remember, many of these students have never been exposed to music education so a willingness to help broaden a child's future is the number one requirement. Please see to register.

We need volunteers to:

  • Mentor - Provide guidance and support throughout the day to students who may need extra help with the curriculum or who just need a positive influence.
  • Provide and/or Assist with Creative Workshops - Are you an instrumentalist, singer, dance, actor or all of the above? Do you have a creative workshop topic that might be a fit for 6th grade students? Please let us know as we are developing afternoon workshops led by Yale alumni to enrich the morning curriculum.
  • Field Trips/Chaperone - Do you have ties to an arts organization, theater or museum that would welcome middle school students?

360 EAST 145TH ST. BRONX, NY 10454

Summer Institute of the Arts is proud to be co-sponsored by the Yale Black Alumni Association and YAAMNY.

Additional Info/Contact: