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When:   July 10, 2010 8:15am-2:15pm
Price:   0
Type:   Trip

YAAMNY are invited to an easy hike (no mountains or rock faces I promise!) this Saturday.  Its on Staten Island, and the destination is Snug Harbor, a former rest home for retired sailors thats now a multifaceted cultural center.  We may drop in on a cricket game at nearby Walker Field. It will be 4.5 miles of mostly roads with no steep ascents and a total vertical of 250 feet. Lets meet at the Staten Island ferry terminal at 8:15 well take the 8:30 boat.  The only cost is a MetroCard, since the ferry is free! We should be back in Manhattan around 2 or so, depending on how long we stay at Snug Harbor.  From there Im going to PS1s Warm Up party youre welcome to join me! As always, friends are more than welcome to join the hike just give me a heads-up if youre coming so I can wait for you at the terminal.

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