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When:   December 5, 2010 10:30am-3:30pm
Where:   555 8th Ave (Corner of 38th)
Suite 1703
New York City
Price:   $49
Type:   Lecture

Not a lecture - but a hands on, fast-pacedpersonalized workshop that's perfect for young professionals who:


·  Are currently working but want to figure out the ideal next job that aligns with their strengths, motivations, personality and values; and those who

·  Are active in the job search process and want to craft a compelling pitch to tell potential employers.


    No resumes, cover letters, or interview tips.  We provide help with the two hardest pieces of the job search process: (1) figuring out the career you'd be most successful in,  and (2) telling your story in a way that's compelling.   Career Cadence is a company founded by two Yale alums who - after years of watching other alums enter into careers they weren't satisfied with - figured out a way to deliver personalized career direction and self-marketing in an interactive group setting.  Our approach has been repeatedly tested and refined. Our assessment, statistically validated.

To reserve a seat, visit and click SIGN UP.  Yalies use discount code FriendsofCC.


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