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When:   December 2, 2010 5:30pm
Where:   Hope 110
Type:   Meeting

  Dr. Thomas Quinn is a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public
Health, and director of Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health. His research
focuses on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, and clinical features of HIV/AIDS
internationally, while advocating for improved clinical education for African
physicians and implementing public health policy. Dr. Quinn was one of the
first to demonstrate that non-invasive screening for STDs by use of molecular
diagnostic assays could extend public health efforts to control STDs to
non-clinic settings. This innovative approach has led to one of the current
basic tenets of the global AIDS control program; the treatment of STDs to slow
the transmission of HIV. Dr. Quinn currently directs several field-based
programs in Africa and Asia, utilizing community-based STD treatment linked
with HIV prevention projects. Dr. Quinn is a founding member of the Academic
Alliance for AIDS Care and Prevention in Africa; and the founding director of
the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health.
Presented by Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Public Health.

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