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When:   February 16, 2011 7:00pm-8:30pm
Where:   Moorhead & Moorhead, 83 Canal Street, No. 309
Price:   $15 (early, by 2/7); $20 (late)
Type:   Arts

moorehead photo


Join Artists on the Brink and the YAAMNY for a rewarding and intimately scaled studio visit to the architecture and industrial design studio of Moorhead & Moorhead.

All are welcome, but space is strictly limited. Register immediately to secure your spot for our visit to an engaging, visually arresting, idea-rich design practice.

The substance of this studio visit will include: an introduction to Granger and Robert Moorhead and their practice; representative projects; insights into their design process; and the working space, materials, and tools of a design team. Moorhead & Moorheads projects address: design and social change (Cityracks Slipcover); design and enriching civic space (Cityracks Slipcover, Shade Station, Ice Heart) and lived experience (Uruguay Compound); crafting a journey through physical space (Ecotones Exhibition); innovative use of materials (FeltStool, Filament Wound Bench); and the role of the built environment in capturing the public imagination (Ice Heart) or facilitating peace of mind, contemplation, and introspection (Mobile Chaplet, Shade Station).

Brink Lab is the educational enrichment programming series of arts not-for-profit Artists on the Brink and introduces the public to a laboratory ideas on the creative process and effecting social change.

Company of Scholars is an initiative of the Yale Alumni Association of Metropolitan New Yorks Educational Programs Committee and encompasses a broad constellation of intellectually rich learning experiences from enlightening talks to encounters with cultural institutions to on the ground immersion in the places where light and truth collide.

Web Resources:

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