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When:   January 25-February 15, 2011
Where:   Puerto Cayo, Ecuador
Type:   Other

Interested in sustainability? Looking to travel in Latin America? Want to spend your  summer doing hands-on work teaching and community organizing in an Ecuadorian coastal town? Apply for internships in marketing, sustainability,and mural projects with project oscar. Project Oscar is an organization that collaborates with the town government of Puerto Cayo, Ecuador, a coastal fishing town, to start sustainability projects and build ecotourism projects to support the community. Interns will lead and develop a specific aspect of the project and will teach English, environmental education, and/or computer classes. Lasting nine weeks, the internship includes one week of orientation at a beachfront hostel and seven weeks in Puerto Cayo homestays punctuated by a one week break for travel.

Join us for Q&A and snacks on Sunday, February 6 at 1pm in BK-E32.

To apply, visit our website: {due Tuesday, February 15 at 11:59pm}
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