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When:   February 6-13, 2011
Where:   Feb. 6: Dinner @ Pierson Dining Hall
Feb. 7: Dinner @ Calhoun and Morse Dining Halls
Feb. 8: Dinner @ Silliman Dining Hall
Feb. 9: Lunch @ Silliman Dining Hall, Dinner@ Saybrook Dining Hall
Feb. 10: Lunch and Dinner @ Brandford Dining Hall
Feb. 11: Dinner @ TD Dining Hall
Price:   3
Type:   Other

Order a Goody-bag for your special someone, write a cute message, and we'll deliver it the day before Valentine's Day to them. $3 for the first goody-bag, $2 for subsequent bags. Each goody-bag has ribbon decorations, confetti, chocolates, and your personalized message. You can find Habitat volunteers in the dining halls. Schedule is on our facebook event: ALL money raised will go towards building homes for the homeless! 










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