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When:   February 19, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm
Where:   People's Center
37 Howe Street
Type:   Meeting

Meeting about anti-war actions - see below - on Saturday the 19th at noon until 1pm at the People's Center (37 Howe Street). 

The Endless Wars are Killing U.S.
Spring Actions to Fund Jobs, Human Needs and the Environment

We invite you to join in organizing a month of daily (March 15 to April 15 - tax day) public vigils/protests/tabling in New Haven to call for an end to the wars and to re-direct resources to local needs. We propose that different groups/organizations each take responsibility for one day (Sun., Mon., Tues., etc.) each week to be at the location and time of their choosing with the theme: The Endless Wars Are Killing U.S.: Fund Jobs, Human Needs and the Environment.

We will also put together fliers and postcards groups could use, but each group could decide itself how it wants to organize its vigil/event/action. We do want to pressure elected leaders to commit to take clear action on this - e.g., support the Frank/Paul call to cut Pentagon spending by 25%.

We are also hoping to start and close the Spring Actions with joint publicity/ gathering/ teach in /action.

The goals are:
Educate and mobilize the public about the massive cost on ongoing wars (using    National  Priorities Project, FCNL information, over $1 trillion per year for the military, with wars on Iraq and Afghanistan costing New Haven $83 million for FY 2011).

Invite people to do something concrete - send post cards, come to event, call Congress to redirect funds to human and environmental needs.


Try to generate more energy in antiwar movement, and encourage people to turn out on  April 9th in New York  for the Tax Day demonstration, or other local events.

If you're interested in participating please let us know by Feb. 4th, or if you have questions contact Chris Schweitzer or Henry Lowendorf. 

Additional Info/Contact:
Chris Schweitzer