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When:   September 29, 2011 8:00pm
Where:   Dwight Hall
Type:   Meeting

Are you frustrated by the state of the US and international food policy? Would you like to see the 2012 Farm Bill and other laws achieve the following reforms? 

Reduce diet-related disease by promoting safe, healthy foods
Support sustainable farms and limit subsidies to big agribusiness
Expand access to food and alleviate hunger
Protect the environment and animals by reforming factory farms
Promote health by curbing junk-food advertising to kids
Support fair conditions for food and farm workers

Join the YSEC Food Action Group THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th AT 8PM IN Dwight Hall to learn about Food Day New Haven and how you can serve the New Haven community and be a voice for food policy change!

People already on board with Food Day New Haven:

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen
Miya's Sushi
Oaxaca Kitchen
Claire's Corner Copia
Stop and Shop
St. Raphael's Hospital
Cornell Scott Hill Health Center
Haven Free Clinic
New Haven Public Schools
The Rudd Center
Yale College Council
And many more!


See you on Thursday!

Tomoki Kimura '12
Connor Bell '13
Susannah Chandhok '14!/FoodDayNH 




Additional Info/Contact: