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When:   August 13, 2011 11:00am-4:00pm
Where:   From 10 wintergreen Avenue to The Upper New Haven Green
Type:   Other

The goals for this event are very evident, they are to unite and mobilize a city captivated by recent themes of domestic and gun violence.

The funds raised from this walk will go towards systems that address these very issues and those related.

Each walker must be Registered and Receive Sponsorship. If you would like to be a Team Captain or Volunteer as a walker for this immanent cause contact us here on facebook /call: 203-936-8511/ email This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript


Instant Registration and Sponsorship can be done a RubberMatch 101 Whalley Avenue New Haven!!!!


We will start our walk-a-thon at Southern University's Wintergreen Ave. Locations near Fitch Street, Perhaps Connecticut Hall (#17 on their Map) Parking Will be in front of building #36 in Lot 7. All cars must be removed by 6pm that evening.

Meeting and parking locations:

After the walkers arrive we will to proceed South East taking a left onto Fitch Street. To Arch Street, right onto Dixwell, left onto Basset Street, right onto Winchester Avenue, left onto Shechem Street, right onto Prospect Street, into College Street straight into the Upper New Haven Green.

Additional Info/Contact: