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When:   September 6, 2011 1:00pm
Where:   West 30th Streeet near Penn Station / Madison Square Garden
Price:   Free
Type:   Arts

Labor Day is over.  It's time to Act.

 On Camera Workshop for the Actor
Free to Yale Alumni 
Please email us at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  if interested

The workshop is designed strictly to hone your acting skills for the camera.

With that goal in mind, we provide instant feedback of your recorded
performance. Additionally, you walk with a DVD of your work from the

current. You will also be taught the basics of camera work, framing
and composition.

We'll be using small pro camcorders. I've just replaced the cameras with some that are even easier to use so we'll be able to achieve good composition
without as much effort. 
During each scene, each camera is recorded in its entirety without
switching so all of your performance will be on your DVD. When played
back immediately after the scene is shot, both actors will be seen on
separate side by side screens. The other actors present in the
workshop watch as you perform. They view your performance two ways,
live and/or the live pictures from the cameras on the monitors.

Once you see your work, you'll perform again later in the evening or
immediately after incorporating whatever changes you wish to make in
your performance. Sometimes other participants may offer constructive
comments about your work.  Depending on the number of participants,
it's possible for you to do your scene several times in one evening.

All of your work will be on your DVD for you to study later or to
share with other professionals you know to get their opinions on it.
Scenes should be short - around three minutes - sometimes up to five
minutes but short is good.

I want to get a group of up to 20 who'll take part when they can. Out
of that 20, we might get 6 to 8 in any week on the night we decide
upon. We need at least four participants in any session.  Two will
shoot and two will perform and then switch. Those who have performed
could become camera operators or watch the monitors as others perform.
There's a lot to be learned in watching others act. The short comments
after scenes are played back should also be a learning experience for
all participants.  If you are participating in the workshop, you'll be
expected to be in for the three hour session. Please don't expect to
show up just to do your scene and then leave.

Here are some answers to the many questions Ive been receiving:

The address is:

Otterson TV
251 West 30th Street
Suite 14W
NYC   10001

It currently takes place on Tuesdays at 7PM.
- Show quoted text -

The workshop is set-up for scenes for two character.  You will be

- Show quoted text -
expected to be off book.  Those that aren't will be expected to learn
their lines by the following week.

Some of our screenwriters have scenes they would like to see performed
and videotaped.  Well put you in touch.

If you bring a monologue, you'll get one run through of it.

You'll be expected to participate for the 2 to 3 hours of the workshop.

You will be given basic instruction in camera operation and are
expected to run a camera at times during the workshop.

You will be given a DVD of you work at the end of each session.

You will do your scene and then it will be played back on side by side
monitors.  You will be seen on one and your scene partner will be on
the other.  The monitors will be arranged in such a way that you and
your scene partner will be facing each other.

That's why I want simple blocking at the beginning.  If you want to
sit, that is fine.

Keep you scenes under 5 minutes.

Those who have brought scenes for two characters and are off book will
always be given preference.  It is possible for you to run your 2
character scene several times and try it different ways.

Well often have screenwriters and filmmakers working with us who will
be looking to cast their projects.

The address is:

Otterson TV
251 West 30th Street
Suite 14W
NYC   10001


Additional Info/Contact:
This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript