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When:   September 18, 2005 6:00pm
Where:   Stain, 766 Grand, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (L to Grand, one block west)
Price:   free

On SUNDAY SEPT 18th, Stain, the arts lounge loyal to local products and talent (created by Yale alum and novelist Krista Madsen) is celebrating its first birthday and you're invited to enjoy: a kiddy pool, pinata bashing, pin the Stain logo on the mermaid mural's ass crack, hoola hoops, chalking the sidewalk, Candy Land, candy gorging, cake, balloons, live music from Sebastian and friends, a soundtrack of the bands who have played here, prizes, freebies, specials, costumes, more! There's a reading series with four featured writers from 7 to 9, and the festivities will start getting messy after that. But come hear the reading while you're at it!

Additional Info/Contact:, 718/387-7840