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When:   January 8, 2006 1:00pm
Where:   Home of Ricki Trudeau (yale student)
7 Beekman Place at 50th Street
(Entrance on the first floor)
Price:   Free of charge.

Please join 85 Broads and Whim N' Rhythm, Yale University's premier female a cappella group, for Sunday Jazz Brunch! Who We Are Whim ‘n Rhythm is Yale University’s premier senior all-women’s a cappella group! Delighting audiences from Maine to Hong Kong and from California to the White House, Whim ‘n Rhythm brings professional musicianship, a sophisticated spirit, and an elegant presence to every memorable performance. Music and Performance Whim ‘n Rhythm's repertoire ranges from upbeat jazz standards to classic show tunes; contemporary pop favorites to traditional ballads and occasionally a Whim ‘n Rhythm original. Bill Allen of the Chicago Tribune wrote of the group, “They’re singing all the songs I asked for . . . for older people, it’s nostalgia, for young people, it’s just good music!” Tradition of Change The tradition of a cappella singing, now well established on college campuses throughout the U.S., originated at Yale University. Since the founding of the Whiffenpoofs in 1909 and the immortalization of The Whiffenpoof Song by Rudy Vallee (Yale ’27) in the 1930’s, the reputation of Yale’s a cappella groups has reached far beyond the ivy walls. In 1969, with the establishment of coeducation at Yale, women began to add their voices to this tradition. Founded in 1981, Whim ‘n Rhythm was created by seven Yale women who came together to form what had long been absent from Yale’s a cappella tradition: a senior women’s group. The original members combined their musical talent with an abiding interest in the equal role of women. In the past 25 years, the group has quickly achieved international renown. Every new concert season, fourteen Yale senior women, hand-picked at the end of their junior year for outstanding vocal ability, continue the Whim ‘n Rhythm tradition. All women carry a full course load, perfecting their music and performance skills in their spare time. Because they receive no financial backing from the University, Whim ‘n Rhythm is a non-profit organization and uses the money they make in concert fees to cover the cost of bringing their music to audiences throughout the United States and the world. Along with the joy of sharing their music, group members take a special pride in keeping Whim 'n Rhythm’s founding spirit alive. Concert Season Whim ‘n Rhythm performs throughout the academic year at college campuses, private parties, clubs, corporate functions, preparatory schools, restaurants, and resorts across the United States. The group tours the United States during Winter Break with this year’s Winter Tour in New York City. The concert season then culminates in a World Tour following the group members’ May graduation. This year, Whim ‘n Rhythm will celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary with a six-week world tour of Asia, Europe, South America and Hawaii. 85 Broads 85 Broads was founded in 1999 by Janet Hanson, an entrepreneur with a distinguished Wall Street background. Today, 85 Broads is a dynamic and diverse community of over 10,000 members worldwide including women MBAs and undergraduate students from leading institutions around the world. For more information, visit To RSVP, please click here or email This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript

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To RSVP, please click here or email This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript