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Dear YAAMNY, Hello, I am a current student at Yale from the New York area. I am also an active member of a student organization called STAND - Students Taking Action Now: Darfur. We are working towards ending the genocide in Darfur, Sudan in whatever way we can. I am writing to you as alumni of this university to join us in our fight. We believe we can begin to make a difference by starting with policies right here on campus. As you probably know, Yale University has an endowment fund with millions of dollars invested in multinational corporations. Some of these companies may be doing business with the government of Sudan. Yale's money may thus be flowing to business ventures that enable the Sudanese dictatorship to purchase weapons and continue a military campaign Congress and the State Department call genocide. We want to make sure Sudan cannot use Yale's assets to finance genocide, and we want to send a message to the Sudanese regime that the killing and slave raids must stop. We also call on the Yale Corporation to develop a set of principles that delineates its official position on genocide. Yale University as a responsible investor must not only address specific cases of genocide, but also adopt a policy framework that immediately informs potential investment decisions. I, along with the hundreds of other students on campus who have voiced their concern about this issue, hope that you will take a moment to sign our petition at Join Yale community members calling on the university to divest from Sudan until the genocide stops. We also hope that the (city name) alumni organization will help spread the word about this issue by including an announcement in the club newsletter, website, or other type of bulletin, so that as many alumni as possible can become involved by signing the petition. Thanks for your support, Ben Bokser This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript 917-886-8817