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When:   February 13, 2006 8:00pm-9:30pm
Where:   ARS NOVA 511 W 54th
Price:   $15 - or 212.868.4444

I've been asked to do a gig at ARS NOVA at 8 PM on February 6 (and 13), as part of their Broadway Spotlight series. It will be a bit of a musical autobiography, songs that have been important to me over the years, songs that friends of mine have written that I like, songs that friends have introduced me to. Mostly pop/rock, including U2, Police, Steely Dan, Gladys Knight, few theater songs by new and cool theater composers, and 3 mano originals. It should be a fun evening, not too long and in a great space. You can check out for more info, including ticket information at or (212) 868-4444 and the humbling array of friends that I have convinced to share the stage with me.

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